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Few Beers This Weekend? This Is For You

We started with bottles of Summer Bright Lager 

& I’m sure there were some schooners of Pale Ale Lashes in there 

(A schooner is 3/4 of a pint as believe it or not they don’t serve pints in Australia)

This week I want to help you understand how it’s not really that hard to eat & drink what you enjoy & still shift weight 

Now this isn’t the best way of doing it 

But I live in the real world 

Yeah not having a beer or some junk food will make you shift weight quicker 

But for us normal guys how realistic is that? 

How long can we really expect to do that?

& it sucks when we go back to eating normally & put the weight back on

So lets look at what other alternative we have 

Now I know that a bottle of Summer comes in at 80 calories (low carb beer)

(& yeah you may turn your nose up at low carb beer but would you rather take some banter from your mates

Or have man boobs & not be able to get it up as your testosterone etc is on the floor

& the level of the women’s hormone in your body is going up 

Yeah thought so… Low Calorie beer is 100% a legit option)

& a schooner of Pale Ale 160 calories 

So for me on Saturday I consumed give or take about 800 calories of beer

Lets just say on a evening out we may drink 1000-1500 calories of beer 

Now over the other 6 days of the week a drop in calories by 200-250 

Basically cancels all this extra beer out 

Now without over complicating things it is literally that easy to cancel out an evening of boozing 

However I know you may be rolling your eyes thinking ‘F counting calories’

Let me remind you again that 30-90% of erectile dysfunction is linked to being overweight 

I’ll also show you that it’s no where near as complicated as you think 

& that not everyone needs to count calories 100% of the time 

But 100% of people could do with doing it for at least a couple of days 

& if you want to drink beer & still shift weight god damn it makes it easier 

So… Here’s a video that explains how to see how many calories you’re eating 


Start here

It’s basically an early step to you having a diet that shifts weight without it being a diet

If you want more steps on this process LET ME KNOW 

Drop me a reply if this was useful or you’d like to no more as there is no point me wasting my breath boring you with crap you don’t care about 




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