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Fcuking Idiots Could Have Killed Someone

We’d just watched the first Fast & Furious (I’m old) & decided to race our cars

Yeah we were kids & did some stupid sh*t which is the point of this email 

We picked a point in the city (Bristol City Football Club) & raced there

I remember flying down this road by the river at about 70mph

It had bushes one side, the river on the other & had sections where you could only squeeze 1 car along it

I’m flying towards this blind turn & my mate Mike rips past me on the wrong side of the road at about 80mph 

I cringe about it when I look back 

How he made it round that corner I’ll never know 

& if someone was coming the other way we’d all be fcuked

I’m not proud of stuff we used to do like this 

But there’s nothing I can do about it now 

Apart from make sure nothing like that happens again 

It’s the same for a lot of the guys I work with 

Stupid decisions when they were younger left them out of shape, overweight & pissed off now 

But there’s nothing they can do about that

Apart from make sure it doesn’t happen again going forward 

A guy applied to join the next Build&Blast group yesterday & said this…

“Summers coming & I’ve got a wardrobe of clothes I can’t fit into” 

He cant do anything about what put him in this position 

But fair play to him as he’s clearly looking to change his future 

The 7 Day Challenge we’re running is exactly that 

7 days for you to see if you can kickstart your future

With access to all the Build&Blast90 workouts 

The initial nutrition content & meal plans 

& a group of like minded guys 

You’ve got everything there to help you kick out of a rut 

Oh I forgot you get unlimited access to me & Cameron as your coaches as well 

Forget the past my man there’s nothing you can do about it 

Lets change your future

Just complete the form here & lets get started https://marcusduharty.wufoo.com/forms/m9xlsu010s7a14/



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