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You probably hear this quite a lot 

I know I have people say this to me all the time 

Do I agree… 

You can hear my thoughts in this short video


This question was asked by a friend over the weekend 

Like you he’s looking to drop bodyfat 

But isn’t willing to drop out the twice weekly beers & McDonalds

Which is just makes me think about Jade Goody 

Remember her? She was one of the first UK ‘celebs’ to come from Big Brother

back in the day

Poor chick died of Cervical cancer but before then she ran the London Marathon 

Or should I say tried to… without training !!

No surprise she got about 18 miles in & collapsed thinking she was dying

I mean come on it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise if your a chubby chick 

with no athletic ability you might have to do some training 

Fuck me even big boobed Jordan managed to work that out when she ran it 

Now I’m all for being flexible with your nutrition & living your life

In fact it’s exactly what I do myself & how I set up the guys I work with 

& yes that does involve the option to enjoy a beer & a burger

But there’s no doubt that some sacrifices have to be made

& some work done 

6-10 pints & a MacDons a couple nights a week is basically doing a Jade Goody 

& FFS don’t do a Jade Goody… 

Here’s the video of my views on fat burning pills if you ignored it the first time… 


People definitely make progress when taking them 

But there’s a clear reason why 


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