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Fake Lifes & Highlight Reels

“Your life looks amazing” 

“I’d kill to have a life like yours”

& the one I hear the most is…

“Marcus you’re living the dream” 

I’ve heard all of these said to me in the last week but in reality it’s all a load of crap 

Everything can look great on the outside but it’s on the inside that really matters 

With the world of social media it’s so easy to watch other peoples ‘highlight reels’ & get frustrated or sad about where you are 

People see a few pictures from cool places or doing cool things & think everyone else is killing it but them 

Let’s be honest about it it couldn’t be further from the truth 

Those ripped shredded guys who posts selfies daily 

A lot of them are struggling with how they look more than you are 

Imagine working down to being in amazing shape for a few days then having to repost ‘throwback’ pictures for the rest of the year to keep the image up 

For sure thats a mental drainer & body image issues are rife in mens bodybuilding & physique competitions 

I guarantee you see more & more of this exposed in the coming years

Anyway for you forget comparing yourself to others

Purely focus on getting the inside of your life to to feel how the outside looks & you’ll be onto a winner

& no doubt doing this will have a positive effect on your…

Personal confidence

Personal energy 


Family life

Sex life 


& of course everything about life in general 

Which is the exact idea behind Build&Blast90 

“To create an army of guys changing how they look & feel, building confidence, blasting fat & dominating in life”

The next group will start their 90 day transformation on the Monday 30th January

Do you want to join? 

Or are you happy to stay fed up, pissed off & struggling

& waste your time money & effort whilst other guys are getting exactly what you want?



Build&Blast90 comes with guaranteed results or your money back 

Click the image below to see how results like this are achieved

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