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Fair Play To Donald Trump


Looks like he’s gonna win his seat

& run for presidency of the good old US of A

Who the hell would have thought it

An egotistical maniac running for US president 

Fair play to him in many ways

At least he actually puts himself out there 

Rightly or wrongly stands up for what he believes 

Voices his opinion 

& most importantly goes after what he wants 

Not enough people actually do that these days 

So you gotta say fair play to those that do 

Even if he is a racist loon who’s probably gonna start the next 5 world wars

Hopefully there’s another guy who voices a better opinion that gets voted in 

Bernie Sanders maybe ??

To be honest I haven’t got a clue 

& I don’t really give a shit 

But I do like people that go after what they want 

& put themselves out there to be shot at (hint hint) 

Thats why I’ll never write or talk badly about people trying 

Especially in the gym 

Fuck anyone taking the piss out of people trying

Trying is fucking hard

It’s even scary at times 

I know I’ve been there in so many different ways 

Moving from being a guy training athletes in a gym 

To delivering 2 hour lectures to 80 university level degree students 

Was scary as shit 

Believe it or not writing some of these emails & doing videos

is scary as well 

I get it…

You might be anxious working out if you’re overweight 

Or you avoid social occasions cos you’re self conscious of the banter

from the boys

Maybe you’re even dreading summers fast arrival & less clothes to cover 

up your moobs 

I get all that 

Unfortunately not doing anything makes it worse

Just like the guys along the way who could have challenged Trump but didn’t 

& now see him with a 50/50 chance of being the damn president 

At some point fear has to be put to the side & action taken 

You can even use the fear to stimulate your action 

Here’s where you head if you’re ready 

Link >>> https://marcusduhartytraining.wufoo.com/forms/zx0ykon0ocl2i0/

& there’s only 5 spaces available in this programme  

& as for Donald Trump 

Fairplay to him but if he’s as bad as everyones making out

He can get JFK’d very quickly for all I care

& if you don’t know what that means I’ll make it clear

Someone should take aim & fire next time he steps on a stage…

Marcus ‘F Trump’ Duharty 


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