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Don’t squat if you’ve just ‘hammered’ your lower back the day before!


This should be a no brainer really but unfortunately I’ve just seen someone post this online. That’s just asking for trouble and in my view is really a poor way to structure your training programme.


To be fair they may be on a deload and it’s wrong to make quick judgements on programmes or workouts without seeing the whole programming. That said as a performance strength & conditioning coach exercise order is a hugely important variable that needs to be analysed to maximise results.
Here are some guidelines that on the whole I work from:

1. Get the most important session done at the start of the week.

What’s your money session? Decide what session you value the most and make sure you nail it at the start of the week when you are fresh and ready to perform!

2. Power before strength.

Unless there’s a potentiation effect programmed when doing explosive work you should be fresh and free from fatigue. Therefore get your explosive work in before strength in both the week and in individual sessions.

3. Complex or new exercises first.

I hate seeing athletes throw in some olympic lifts at the end of a tough session. Like literally what is the point? Performing difficult or new exercises when already fatigued is a waste of time. Quality, quality, quality. No interest in poor technique which is what you’re likely to perform here.
These points aren’t set in stone and due to a number of external factors often change but on the whole I follow these guidelines when programming. Hopefully these points aren’t anything new and with a little bit of thought around exercise order you should be able to put some effective programmes together. Good luck and as normal any help you need let me know.
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