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Everyday is a Damn Struggle

& some days I just cant be fucked

I know whatever your issue is you feel the same

For me it’s trying to build a business

From my laptop 

From probably the furthest part of the world where people know, like & trust me

Sometimes I wonder whether that was a good idea or not 

& of course along with the struggle

Comes fear & doubt 

“Is the internet connection gonna be strong enough”

“Where the fuck am I gonna sleep tomorrow night”

& of course

“Am I making enough money to keep this show on the road” 

Like literally 

Bear in mind I’m now in one of the most expensive cities in the world

Shit aint cheap down under I’ll tell you that 

See I know you probably see my Facebook posts

Or Instagram

Any even my emails to be fair & think

This fuckers living life

Like the amount of times someone has said to me 

“You’re living the dream”

Is a joke 

What you gotta remember though is that what you see is just a highlight reel 

That’s it 


You think I sit on a beach all day

Or go out partying every night 

Or earn a fortune 

No fucking way man

& yeah I know you’re probably thinking 

“What’s this idiot on about he’s not long got back from Vegas & Mexico” 

Well what you don’t see is me working every day in Vegas

Every day

Including New Years Eve & New Years Day

10 hours in Starbucks one day building the #TeamHUD Membership site 

Then 12 hours straight in a hotel room in Mexico whilst my mate got drunk at the pool 

This shit aint easy 

& yeah the hours I do leave free I get to spend at some cool places 

Doing cool things with cool people 

But trust me man 

Everyday is a damn struggle 

Why am I telling you this? 

1. Because I know everyday is a struggle for you to 

Maybe not in the same ways but I know you’re fighting battles 

All the guys I work with are whether they’re Training & Nutrition related or not 

That’s just the reality of adult life

& 2. So you know everyone, me included is in the same boat as you 

The fear & doubt is REAL

Most people just lie about it 

Apart from a few weird mofo’s no one enjoys getting their ass out of bed for work 

Let’s be honest we’d all rather stay in bed than go to some job we dont enjoy 

We only work to get paid that’s a fact 

& im sure getting your ass to the gym after grafting away all day aint easy 

& we only work out to look & feel good about ourselves not for the enjoyment

& then there’s eating 

I know you have good intentions of eating well 

But still end up looking in the fridge & thinking 

“What the fuck can I eat today”

Then shutting the door & ordering takeaway instead

That’s that every day struggle my man 

It’s normal 

& believe it or not I know exactly how it feels

Anyway I’m rambling on so here’s something I think may help 

It’s a short video titled “Fuck Mondays” I put on my site yesterday 

& just outlines how I think you can help yourself when you feel like shit 

Which lets be honest can be quite often

Here’s the link >>> Fuck Mondays Video

If you find it useful let me know 

Marcus ‘The Struggle is REAL’ Duharty

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