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Eat the food you enjoy & lose fat

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Anyway let me ask you a few questions… (FYI there’s 3 short but game changing videos at the end of this post)


Do you struggle to stick to your diet?

Do you feel restricted not being able to eat certain foods?

Is eating out with the wife or gf or a couple beers with the boys a complete no?

Do you get bored eating the same old bland tasteless food?


Most of the guys I work with come to me complaining about all 4. It’s a shame that people still think that to drop fat you have to eat rabbit food & the blandest chicken & rice possible. It doesn’t have to be like that.


“You don’t have to eat rabbit food or bland chicken & rice to lose fat”


That’s why I filmed the following 3 videos which explain exactly how you can:-

Easily stick to a plan without it even feeling like a diet


Eat foods you enjoy & still drop body fat


Still go out for food & drinks without the fear of it killing your progress


Lean up whilst eating nutritious food packed with flavour


This approach to your nutrition is what a vast amount of lean muscular fitness models use, I personally use & what I coach the guys in both of my Online Training Groups to do.


For example:-

Ben Stanford has dropped over 35kg of body fat in under 10months.

He’s gone from not being able to perform 1 pullup to hitting sets of 10 & has transformed not just the way he looks about himself but the way he feels & the confidence he has.


Brad is dropping fat at over 1.5kg a week for 8 weeks running.

That’s 12kg of fat gone between his 2 holidays & he’s gonna turn up to the next one feeling so much better about the way he looks.


Marcus (not me) added 6.5 kg of muscle to his body

Yes he actually gained weight using the strategy. He learned the process as a #TeamHUD member & after 12 weeks was over 80kg & still lean for the first time.

He’s even had his kids copying his habits, his wife training & in his own words now ‘feels like a Greek God’


“Feeling like a Greek God”


I could go on & at the time of writing this I really need to update the ‘success’ page of this site with the 2016 results.

All I want to emphasise though is this works. It’s not some ninja trick that’s impossible to keep up with & that you don’t have to be shredded already or a genetic freak to do it.


Marcus runs his own business & has 2 kids, he’s about as busy as can be.

Ben works horrendous split shifts & is up at 3am every day.

Bradley works long hours behind a desk & has never stuck to anything previously.


These guys aren’t ex athletes, they’re not gym freaks or are they or do they want to shredded & diced fitness models.

They’re just busy working guys who want to look & feel unstoppable.


“Busy working guys feeling unstoppable”


They’ve had great success using this nutrition strategy & you can to.


Video 1 gives you an introduction to how to use this strategy


Video 2 outlines how to use it to enable you to go out for meals & drinks or eat some of your favourite foods, snacks or treats


Video 3 details how to use this approach when you’re trying to build muscle quickly



There are 2 things you need to do here though… Record what you eat daily & work out how many calories YOU need

Thankfully I’m the guy who gives away 99% of the info you need for FREE (but is there to coach if you struggle to do this on your own)


Make sure you watch these 2 videos at the links below if this is new to you.

Video link: How many calories YOU need to eat 

Video link: How to track what you’re eating

Ok so on with the ‘Eat the food you enjoy & lose fat videos’






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