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Eat a snickers every day nutrition

I’m not gonna lie I’m a bit excited (I’ve almost got a twitch)

Before I tell you about that though did you see the video I posted yesterday?

Yeah I know a LOT of few people will disagree with me

Not my fault (or theirs) they don’t get how simple it is to eat a snickers EVERY DAY & still shift fat

Hopefully I gave them a bit of an eye opener as to how they can though

Plenty more to come on this but here’s the video if you missed it


Ok back to my ‘twitch’ (By the way I’m talking downstairs twitch if you know what I mean)

See I’m kinda buzzing we’ve got a new group of guys starting Build&Blast90 this week

To have another group of guys that have installed faith in me & Cameron to coach them through their journey is pretty damn cool

Shout out to each & every one of them

Can not wait to see how they get on

I’ll update you of their progress as they go

Doors are of course now closed for Build&Blast90

If you still wanna join… You’ll have to wait


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