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Drunk for 4 days straight in Cambodia

2 years ago we landed on a Cambodian Island with no internet & nothing to do but drink 

Which we did

For 4 days non stop


We only left the island as they had no cash machines & we’d run out of money 

I basically spent the whole of 2015 bouncing round Asia with my best mate & my laptop 

We drank & partied A LOT & we often had people asking us how we stayed in shape 

One big thing that for sure helped us was walking & dancing 

See every 3 or 4 days when you arrive in a new place the first thing you do is explore 

We didn’t ride bikes that much so a lot of that exploring is done on your feet 

I reckon some days we’d easily do over 20,000 steps 

Now for my bodyweight 20,000 steps equals about 900 calories a day burned 

Or 900 calories of extra food or drink we didn’t need to worry about 

Being active & walking can have a HUGE positive effect on fat loss

1-1 online client Ben who shifted 50kg of fatloss reckons he averages 17,000 steps a day 

For his weight that see’s him burn off 1000-1500 calories BEFORE ANY EXERCISE 

The problem is the average desk job worker only hits 3-500 steps a day 

Meaning someone active could have a 300-1000 calorie head start on them

As you can imagine this will make a massive difference to fat loss & how easily & quickly it happens 

Right now I’m running a small challenge inside of Build&Blast90 

The guys are recording their steps each day 

The idea is that if they record it & I create some competition in the group they’ll be motivated to move more & get higher scores 

Meaning more calories burned & fat dropped 

We averaged 7500 yesterday & I bet that goes up tomorrow

You’re more than welcome to join in with us 

I’ll post onto my Facebook Page each day so you should follow that or even post your score as well 

Head here & you can take a look at my score (winning score) 

Also if you have an iPhone the ‘Health’ app that is built into the phone counts steps for you 

You don’t need to download anything or buy a watch 

Anyway thats how we stayed in shape whilst drinking & partying for months in Asia

& how to burn off more calories with NO extra training or eating different 

Basically move more & watch your fat loss become easier 



Build&Blast90 is an Online Training & Nutrition group the guarantees results 

Come & take a look at how these results are built here


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