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Don’t let them in the country

Forget the EU expat/immigrants

There’s 22 free loaders in France right now

Trying to get into this country

Trust England football to let you down

Nothing changes

Same old crap

As far as I’m concerned they should take their passports

& leave them over there

They’re the ones that shouldn’t be allowed to cross the boarder


Or at least make them swim back

As I’m in Sydney I got up at 4.30am

To watch that garbage

Pissed off & tired is an understatement

Some people literally spent thousands for that experience

But why do we always think it’s gong to be different

I mean none of us expected us to win the thing

But we at least expected a bit of fight


& for them not to let us down

If we get to the quarters & play a bit better most people
are happy

Like seriously it can’t be that hard

But we must be like goldfish

We forget this is the same EVERY TIME

We’re basically like the worst yoyo dieters out there

Doing the same damn thing

& expecting a different result

Thats literally what I feel like right now

All that hope & expectation

A new start

New players

Some fresh blood

& we go & lose to a country with less people the the city
I was born in

What a joke

Think about that for a second

I have & I’ve decided enough is enough

Fuck this I’m no longer an England fan

The next euros I’m following my Caribbean roots

& Jamaica are my team

At least you know the reggae boys are gonna have some fun

Even if their high as hell when they play

Alright chill out I know Jamaica’s not in Europe

But then again is England even in it anymore….

Ok jokes aside but I’m serious

I’m fed up & I’ve had enough

& if thats where you are with yoyo dieting

Or doing the same old training programme

& getting the same old invisible result

Maybe doing something different is the best option

Here’s where you head if you want more info on what
I offer


But as you can see from the timer at the link this offer runs
for a limited time only

Unless of course you like doing the same thing

& feeling the same way


& over

& over again

Like a goldfish…?

Marcus ‘Bigup Jamaica’ Duharty

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