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Don’t Kill Your Progress By Doing This…

Going to failure on EVERY set!!

Of course you need to push yourself in the gym but going to failure on EVERY set isn’t needed.


In fact it could actually stop the growth you’re trying to stimulate!


See when you kill yourself early by hitting failure you then HAVE to cut sets short or even reduce the amount of weight or exercises you do. This then impacts your overall volume of the session.


Volume could be looked at as sets x reps so 3 x 10 = a 30rep total


Or even sets x reps x weight so… 3 x 10 @ 100kg = 3000kg for that exercise


It makes sense that if any of these numbers reduce less work is being done by the muscle.


Now there is a minimum that we need to do to stimulate growth but the last thing you want to be doing is reducing the work you’re getting done and risking going under that mark.


You can hear a few more of my thoughts on this subject on the video below.


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