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Does your weekend food/drink stop you?

So in the last couple of days we’ve looked at:

* How to track what you eat 

* The calories you need to shift weight (approximately)

* How to turn the fat loss tap on & keep it flowing without much effort

There’s one big problem though 

What the hell do we do when a curve ball gets thrown at us 

We’ve got a steady ‘plan’ in place Monday – Friday but suddenly the weekend comes along 


Friday beers

Kebab on the way home 

Saturday breakfast 

Afternoon lunch 

Saturday film & takeaway 

Sunday roast 

Pizza & ice cream with the kids

At least one of these comes along & F*ck 

The progress we’ve made in the week has been dented 

Or maybe even stopped 

If this is you it’s completely normal 

Here’s how we get round it though: 

A. Move your ass a bit more in the week 

Take note you pencil pushers at your desk all day 

Your activity level is seriously low 

10,000 steps a day is a recommended target

The pencil pushers in Build&Blast90 hit somewhere between 2000 – 6000

One guy hit a genuine 680 steps last week 

Thats low 

For the average overweight guy 15 minutes walking burns 90-120 calories (approximately)

If you’re a pencil pusher do this twice a day Mon-Fri to burn an extra 180-240 calories 

B. Eat a bit less

I could write an essay on this 

But never forget less calories does NOT mean less food 

With changing food choices that could actually mean MORE FOOD 

I’m talking calories here though 

From the calorie figure you’ve worked out like I showed you the other day 

Drop off another 150-200 calories 

This should be small enough to not make you hungry 

But combined with your extra activity be big enough to make a difference

Lets wrap this up… If we add the extra calories you’ve burned to the less that you’ve eaten 

We have around a 300-450 calorie ‘drop’ each day 

Mon-Fri we’re talking 1500-2250 total calories dropped off

That you can now consume on the weekend 

& still shift fat 

This is how ‘they’ do it 

Or at least one way anyway 

(Out of ‘A & B’ you can do both, just one, more of one & less of another. Whatever works for YOU)

I teach this inside of Build&Blast90 

& use 4 other methods to combat the weekend with these guys & 1-1 clients 

Now it’s over to you do give it a go 

Which of course I know is easier said than done 

Drop me a reply of you have a question or if you think you missed something from a previous email 



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& Cameron went from skinny fat to stacked & jacked

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