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Do you suffer with this as well?

It’s like a weird sick feeling 

I can actually feel it right now 

It’s the number 1 personal problem I feel I have 

It’s probably held me back countless times but I think 

I’m getting it now 

It’s Overthinking…

This is a killer for me & I actually think it seriously fucks 

me up at times 

I nearly didn’t do yesterdays Facebook Live I spoke about cos I 

overthought it before

I actually woke up in the night thinking

“It’s live… What if I say something wrong!”

I basically don’t think I’ve ever bought or done anything of note

without thinking about it a million times beforehand

I’m sure I told you about buying my first property & pretty much 

having a mild anxiety attack beforehand & wanting to pull out 

I’ve actually pulled out of buying 2 properties after having offers

accepted & then changing my mind 

Then there’s the first time I bought a decent car

My old man must have been screwing with how long it took me 

to make my mind up 

I actually lost a deposit I paid for one I agreed to buy before changing 

my mind 

In every one of these instances I had that weird sick feeling 

I used to get it every Wednesday morning before lecturing at the

University of Bath 

I’d best describe it as a “I don’t wanna fuck up & look stupid” kinda 


Do you ever get that? It can’t just be me…

I think it’s definitely stopped me taking action on things I really should 

have just done at times 

Although I do think in every occasion where I’ve ‘overthought’ I’ve 

ended up making the right decision in the end 

So I sorta look at it as a good thing…

Even though now I feel I’ve broken through this barrier & have much

more of a ‘Fuck what anyone else thinks outlook’

But there’s no doubt overthinking still effects me 

If you over think or under act I’m sure you feel it stops you doing things at

times as well

Maybe thats just me…

I actually had 2 instances of it yesterday

Personally I had it when I was offered an opportunity on a call 

It’s funny as I pretty much knew what I would eventually do at the time but 

still needed some time to ‘overthink it’ 

& fair play to one of the guys I work with 

I wont name him right now but he’s mentioned to me a few times about 

being intimidated by the new gym he’s joined

It’s not the first time I’ve heard similar & lets be honest if you’re not an 

Ex athlete/gym freak/meathead gyms are weird places 

You got the posers always looking at them selves in the mirror

There’s the guy grunting so loud you can here him from the car park 

There’s always someone lifting half the weight in the gym making you

feel inadequate

& of course the ripped personal trainer who only seems interested in chatting 

to the ‘big lads’ & staring at chicks on the x-trainer

I get it… 

I’m obviously comfortable in a gym but I’ve definitely felt inadequate & 

overthought things at times 

Lecturing at the University of Bath was one

Going from training athletes in a gym to delivering 2 hour lectures & presenting 

to academic heads of departments definitely had me overthinking 

& feeling inadequate 

I managed to get over that & am better for it 

Just like my man who was intimidated by his new gym 

His text yesterday gave me a pretty good feeling inside

“I like the way I’ve grown in confidence & I’m enjoying the new gym now

where only last week I found it intimidating” 

I’m literally buzzing for him & cant wait to change the way he looks 

& feels about himself 

Now this email is getting on a bit so I’ll leave you with this 

What’s holding you back right now? 

& will you be better off if you find a way to break through that barrier? 

Only you can answer that

But if you need some help having me directly support you through your journey

will help 

You can enquire about working with me at the link below 


Marcus ‘Overthinker’ Duharty 


Look out for tomorrows email 

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You wont wanna miss it 

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