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Do You Eat Oats For Breakfast?

If you do you need to hear this

It’s literally blown my mind

They’ve just found a chemical in oats

This chemical means if you eat 300g a day

You can shred at extra 2kg of body fat every week for
the rest of your life

Regardless of whatever else you do or eat

Unreal right

Sound like BS?

Well that’s cos it is

& is exactly what the media, fitness mags & websites

& of course the supplement brands do to us on a daily

Don’t believe the hype my man

What you can do is download this Morning Oats recipe
sheet though

& amazingly not one of these involves peanut butter

But all of them offer great variations to something that
lets be honest

Can get boring & hard to eat after a while

Cinnamon, Blueberries, Apricot, Almonds,

Pomegranate, Coconut, Linseed, Yoghurt

Basically a few different recipes to help get those oats
down first thing

Click here to download the 6 Morning Oat meal ideas

6 Morning Oat meal ideas

A load of guys I work with struggle with food

They basically don’t know what to eat & what’s in each of
their meals

This is where these recipes along with another 120+ more
come in

I’d love to give them all away to you

But it wouldn’t be fair on the Build&Blast or #TeamHUD

If you wan join them though you know what to do though

& you can check this link for All the Build&Blast info
you need

Build&Blast: 90 Days to Build Muscle & Blast Fat


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