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Do women go for the best looking guys?

What do you think my man?

Do you need to be a super stud & in great shape
to attract hot chicks?

Do you need to be lean shredded & muscles popping
to get loads of sex?

& don’t worry the answer & point is just as important
whether your single or in a relationship

It’s cos that answer is NO

The most important thing is no doubt…


Women are attracted to confidence

I haven’t said it for a little while actually

& even though I’ve struggled with this at time & sometimes
still do

Never forget that…

“Confidence is king”

I 100% believe this & is why it’s the foundation of both
training groups I run

I want the guys I work with to build the unstoppable confidence
that changes their life

But how do you get confidence if you haven’t got it?

Or what do you do if you have nothing to be confident about?

Well you start working at it my man

Each small step

& every win you have

WILL make you feel better

& in turn your confidence will grow

The first time they step in the free weights area is a daunting
experience for some of the guys I work with

But 4 weeks in they’re throwing weights around, setting personal
bests & loving it

Their confidence has improved

I’ve had guys feel like crap when they go clothes shopping

Nothing fits

Nothing looks good

People are judging

8 weeks later they’ve dropped a chest & jean size

Suddenly clothes fit better

Look better

& they’re out buying a new wardrobe

Their confidence has grown

& I have guys who couldn’t think of anything worse than
taking their shirt off in public

Or are sick & embarrassed by the banter from the lads in the
changing room

But 12 weeks later I see photos of them shirtless enjoying a
holiday on the beach

& they’re telling me about how the lads are now commenting
on the new pecs they’re building

& asking them how they’ve done it

They’re now buzzing with confidence

With this confidence having a knock on effect in other areas of
their life

& this confidence now attracting more of the opposite sex

Which by the way I’m 100% not saying is everything or why you
should be training

​​​​​​​But think about it

Take each of the 3 scenarios above I’ve laid out

Do you think the guys felt better about themselves after?

Do you think the extra confidence even if only a tiny amount would
have a positive impact on their life?

Do you think it would ultimately make them happier?

I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t have answered yes to all 3

Which is exactly why I say “Confidence is King”

& base everything I do around building it

So let me ask you a question

If you’re lacking in confidence right now

& ultimately aren’t happy

What are you doing about it?

Marcus ‘Confidence Builder’ Duharty


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