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Do BCAA’s & Creatine help Fat Loss?

“They will have absolutely no effect…”

“… If you eat too many calories”

That was my reply to this question & I’ll explain my answer now

But if you don’t know what they are don’t worry 

They’re just supplements that are popular

Both of them are proven to work although I’m not sure I’d prescribe creatine for solely weight loss goals 

But here’s the KEY POINT 

NO supplement

NO superfood

NO magic trick

NO operation 

& NO diet will work if you eat too many calories 

No matter how good creatine & BCAA’s are they will have no effect on fat loss if you continue to…

Eat high sugar cereal for breakfast

Biscuits through the day with 2 sugar coffees

& a packet of maltesers on a night just because your favourite TV series is on (which is basically every night)

Although to be honest you actually could eat all of those & shift fat 

But fuck it would be hard, nearly impossible & you’d end up hungry & miserable 

So my advise is if you’re not shifting weight right now other than protein & fish oils pause on taking any other supplements & concentrate solely on the food you eat 

Concentrate solely on your food

Because that my friend is where you are going wrong 

I guaran-damn-tee it 

Just like I guarantee the guys in my groups success or their money back (as long as they follow the ‘simple’ steps) 

& you know what… All these supplements we get advised these days aren’t cheap (& you know those guys promoting it get a commission every time you buy it right?)

So I’ve actually just saved you some money 

Thank me later



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I was hoping for double figures to be honest 

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