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Dislocating My Finger Taught Me This…

My finger was literally pointing out to the side

Look at the middle knuckle of your finger

Now imagine the top half of your finger pointing 

diagonally out to the side

My first thought was “Holy Fuck” 

The I ran over to the bench to get it sorted

I was 17 or 18 at the time playing for Bristol Rovers FC

We were away at Torquay in a youth team game 

& believe it or not we didn’t have a physio

The Torquay physio said he wasn’t insured to treat me

So my manager at the time decided he’d put my finger back in place 

A crunch, crack, grimace & wince of pain later & I was back on the


With half a roll of tape strapping my fingers together off I went 

I played the rest of the match

We drew 2-2 & I ended up scoring the 2nd goal 

Happy days yeah….

Well yeah until I woke up in the night with a finger the size of Saturn 

Cut a long story short in putting my finger back in place the bottom

part of my finger had been broken 

It was now in 3 pieces & would need surgery to be pinned back together

I would spend the next 6 weeks in a weird hand cast & not be able to 

play or train 

Not so happy days

Add to that the 4 weeks it takes to get back fit again & we’re actually 

talking about a complete fuck up

Take home point…

If you don’t know what you’re doing don’t do it 

The chances are you’ll just fuck it up 

I speak to people every week that are fucking up their own Training 

& killing their own progress with dumb nutrition strategies

Is that you? 

Are you gonna waste the next 6 weeks like I had to?

If you wanna do that then cool 

I’m just here to tell you it’s not your only option 

I have a few different training & nutrition options available 

They are tried, tested & proven to get results 

& from less than £12.50 a week they’re affordable to everyone

No need to keep wasting time 

Or fucking things up messing around with your own plans 

Unless of course you want to? 

Drop me a reply if you wanna chat through which options may work for you 

Speak to you soon my man

Marcus ‘Crooked Finger’ Duharty

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