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Did you see yesterdays email?

I sent it in the evening instead so check your inbox & it will be there

It was a quick story about me & 8 chicks & me nearly bottling meeting them 

Now some of you might be thinking “Why’s Marcus telling me about that?”

“I thought he was going to give me training & nutrition tips”

Well that I do as well but think about this for a second…

Do YOU actually need more information about training & nutrition?

Or do you just need to start doing something with what you already know?

From the questions I get from the guys in Build&Blast90 I know you lot are confused as shit

& spend waaaay to long thinking about it & not doing it 

You know zero calories are burned thinking & reading about eating well right!?

& information overload is a real thing 

Like I’m sure you know enough already

Yeah it might not be perfect but starting some training & adjusting your nutrition will get you going 

So don’t expect me to overload you with more (boring) emails about eating more veg & adding supersets into your workouts 

There’s enough 30 something guys with years of experience like me out there already for that 

There’s no doubt I’ll give you some training & nutrition content

But if you expect me to bang on about macro splits, undulating periodisation & supplements I’m only promoting as I get a commission you’re in the wrong place 

I’m not that guy 

& thats fine 

There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email & feel free to use it 

What I will say though is this 

When you have a specific individual question that you feel like you need an answer to

Or know there’s one thing holding you back that you can’t quite get past 

All you have to do is reply to one of my emails & I’ll answer it for you 

For free of course 

I’ll answer your individual question for free, all you have to do is grow a pair & ask me it

& then if that becomes something I feel more people are struggling with I’ll write an email about it 

But I’m not just gonna make shit up & send you random workouts or meal ideas for the sake of it 

I’ll leave that to a lot of the other guys to do 

Just know when I send you something I feel it will give real benefit to you 

Or I’ve had an experience with a client or in my life that has a message thats worthwhile sharing 

I don’t just send you stuff to show you how smart I am

I have though just added a few of the exercises to my story on Instagram from Build&Blast90’s January training programme

The Y raises & In & Out press ups are seriously tough & effective exercises 

& being able to get the main part of the session done in 40mins means the programme really is set up perfectly for busy professional guys 

@marcusduharty on Instagram to check it out (or click the name)

& remember if you’re just looking for ‘cool hints & tips’ you might be in the wrong place 



Click the image below for the exact plan these guys used to change the way they look & feel

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