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Did You Drink More Then Me This Weekend??

4 glasses of wine 

5 beers 

2 vodka lemonades

Ok it’s not a massive amount but I was pretty drunk

So was my mate 

In fact he was Capital D Drunk 

How funny is it watching your mate literally steaming 

Like the level drunk when you know he’s not gonna 

remember most of it the next day 

A shame it’s not that funny when you gotta wing man him with 

very average females though

You gotta take one for the team though haven’t you!

Anyway it was a good Saturday night & I hope you enjoyed yours

Or were you worried about what you ate or drank killing your weeks 


So worried you didn’t go out or eat the food you were tempted to & really 


Well you’re right in thinking a boozy or food filled weekend can kill 


Thankfully though I use a simple strategy to counteract or limit the damage 

I spoke about it on my Facebook page yesterday 

It’s so simple but people don’t really do it properly 

Here’s the video 


One of the guys in #TeamHUD asked about food & drink as he was out 

with the wife on the evening & a golf day with the boys 

Listen to my answer 

The strategy is also how I stayed lean travelling a year in asia 

Oh & did I say it is super simple…

If you watch it let me know your thoughts!

Have a hell of a Sunday evening 

Marcus ‘Beer O’Clock’ Duharty

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