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Delt & Trap Builder

I like combining exercises. If I can hit 2 muscle groups in one go then I’m all for it.

It definitely helps save time as well as having to wait for equipment or weights.

Of course to target & isolate an individual muscle group separate exercises can & often need to be included as well.

But I’m all about saving you time & getting you in & out the gym faster (whilst still getting the work needed done).

That’s why I programme a lot of paired exercises & manipulate rest times & muscle groups worked to ensure the workout does it’s job & you can still live your life.

& this exercise is a nice one you can try. The weight needs to be enough for the traps to get a workout though which means you’ll need to bend the arms in as you raise up. If needed hold the shrug for 2 seconds to increase the work for the traps.

I also like this as it’s seated so takes away any assistance from the legs & even the back… Assistance from these areas isn’t the worst thing in the world but lets focus on the muscle we’re trying to hit before we make this into a full body workout eh!

I’ll be posting a lot more training videos over the next weeks so make sure you like my page & set notifications to be ‘shown first’.


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