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Conor McGregors going to get knocked out

I said this before & I’m saying it again 

Conor McGregor will get knocked out 

Maybe not Saturday night against Eddie Alvarez

But it for sure will happen sometime

You cant put your balls on the line as much as he does & not get knocked down every now and then 

People will no doubt laugh when it happens but who gives a fuck 

By then he would have created so much progression in his life & career he wont even be able to hear the laughter

What an attitude to have 

An F you attitude to everyone doubting or talking crap 

If you learn anything from watching his fight this weekend let this be it 

There’s no doubt an attitude like this could positively effect all our lives 

He’s gonna do well over 100 million this year so for damn sure its woking for him 

But the big question is who have you got for the win? 

I’m always TeamConor to be honest 

Do you think he’s going to win this fight? Let me know 

Do you think it’s an Alvarez win? Let me know 

Do you think Donald Punk decides he’s king of the show & beats them both up? Let me know 



If you’re struggling with your motivation, mindset & it’s killing your fat shifting progress?

Let me know as well 

No one’s born with F U attitude 

Sometimes you need a kick up your ass or support to help you the tough times 

Even McGregor hasn’t built his empire on his own 



Seriously drop me a reply & let me know who you think will win 

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