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Sharief’s Shredz & Abs session

“I honestly believe that the addition of this conditioning programme made the difference between placing top 3 and not.”

Sharief Adrissi, UKBFF Welsh Open 3rd place

As you can see from the pics below my man Sharief got in pretty sick (yeah I did just say that) shape ready for his Physique competitions earlier this year & in 2014.

10392584_918544848179500_1377368183302051467_n Sharief

It was a pleasure to help him drop some body fat and build some abs.

Programming for these goals whilst maintaining muscle can be difficult and comes down a lot to the strength training and nutrition with Sharief clearly taking care of that well.


My focus was on providing a decent enough fat burning stimulus without fatiguing Sharief to the point where his strength sessions would suffer while providing a varied and interesting session to complete.


Hitting an hour cardio each day must be seriously hard work & something I’m not sure everyone can do so a session like this is a decent alternative. If you’re looking to get on that stage though the hard work will need to be done with Sharief hitting some more steady state cardio work on other days.


For general trainers like me & you just looking to build Head Turning Bodies not Competition Physiques this sessions a great add in when looking to drop some body fat.


An intensity of around 6-7/10 of steady work was the guideline rather than super high intensity and fatiguing style ‘blast through it’ circuits. You can see Sharief getting it done at a nice steady intensity in the video below.


The ab work shown in the programme below was volume based trying to get a lot of stress into the area in a short period (high density).


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 16.14.34

“After looking at the plan my first thoughts were “why am I doing this to myself” and that “I hate him” but the results spoke volumes!!”


These are Shariefs comments after a different conditioning session…. Don’t expect this shit to be easy!


If you’re looking for a Personal trainer for 1-1 sessions in Bristol then check out Shariefs Facebook page Sharief Adrissi Mens Physique Athlete

& of course if you want Online Training Programme and Nutrition support then you can contact me for a quick chat through this form >>> BUILD A HEAD TURNING BODY ENQUIRY


So… No excuses for you then… Here’s a fat burning conditioning session with an ab development focus ready for you to complete.

Time to get it done!

Have fun

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