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Come on Call Me Out…

Do you think I chat shit?

Do you disagree with my ‘Fuck Talent’ statement yesterday?

Well if you do let me know

Don’t be shy

Call me out

I’m big enough & ugly enough to take it on the chin

I don’t swear my way is always the best option to take

I just think it is 100% of the time… šŸ˜‰

Here’s something else I think

Gyms are a waste of timeĀ 

You can click that link to hear my full thoughts

But by now you must realise that EVERY big brand is just out there for 1 thing

To take your hard earned money!!

Like food brands




Non of these places give a shit about you

As long as you pay them

& all they wanna do is suck every damn penny they can from you

Then spit you out

That’s why I think gyms are a waste of time

The video explains it all

& will hopefully help you understand how you’re probably wasting your time

Here’s that video again

VIDEO:Ā Gyms are a waste of timeĀ 

Anyway you’re still here so you can’t think I chat that much shit

So if you’re ready to start working together

Hit the link below

& lets get this show on the road

Marcus Duharty Online Personal TrainingĀ 

Marcus ‘Big & Ugly’ Duharty

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