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Coaches: Walk in the room & dominate!

One of my gripes as a coach mentor is watching developing coaches deliver sessions like a nervous school girl about to do show & tell!


Now I don’t want this to come across in a bad way as I really enjoy the challenge of developing these coaches. I’m a firm believer though in the impact of a message is all in the delivery and that confidence breeds confidence.


A strong coaching presence with clear, controlled & concise communication is a trait you’ll see in all top coaches. This delivery style paired with confidence is I feel the key to maximising the adaptation you desire in every session.


In my experience the quality of a session has a direct comparison to the quality of my delivery of communication. Confident and clear and there’s a good tempo and desired quality. Unsure, rushed or unconfident and the sessions always lack a bit of something!!


My advise: Grow some balls, walk in, dominate the room, communicate clearly, concisely and with confidence and demand high quality at all times…!


A main issue for fledgling coaches is how do you build confidence!? I think getting that from an early age is key & I’ll cover some tips in a following post.
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