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Client Meetings, Business Drinks & still shift weight

We’re talking a business meal & drinks here

Probably a lunch & most likely an alcoholic drink or 2

The guys I work with have these issues all the time 

The key is to do small things that will reduce the extra calories you might 

eat or drink 

Or burn a few more calories to counteract any extra you do have 

So here’s what I advise the guys I work with 


1. If you ‘have’ to have a beer drink a bottle 

You may have a meeting over drinks or the client orders a beer so you feel

you have to 

Pints obviously contain more calories & can be super gassy 

The less calories the better and you definitely don’t want to be burping in their 

face half way through 

By the way you know they do low carbohydrate/calorie beer now as well 

Drinking bottles rather than pints will 100% reduce your calorie intake 


2. Order a beer in a dark bottle 

For the simple reason it’s harder for them to see how much you’ve drank 

People tend to match each others drinking speed 

& you’ll feel inclined to have another one when there’s an empty glass sitting 

in front of you 

It’s always slightly awkward sitting there for ages with empty glasses 

Plus it’s going to be harder for the bar staff/galss collectors to see as well 

They’re much less likely to come over & ask if you’d like another when you’re 

only just over half way through 

Corona or Sol are definitely ones to avoid 

This alone may save you an extra beer or 2 over say an hours meeting 

Which would easily save you around 300 calories 

Amstel light at less than 100 calories per bottle is a solid dark glassed option 

Are you a busy guy with no time to make food?

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3. Book a training session in before 

You know exercise helps with mental alertness & focus right?

Concentration as well 

Also by getting a session done you’ve burned some calories cancelling

out any extra you may have 

 Meaning no extra calories left over to be stored as fat

Happy days 

So book a session in on meeting days

Book it in to your diary

Book a joint session with a colleague so you don’t let them down

Book a class so you feel like you have to go 

Or even pay for a session with a trainer so you have money on the line 

Whatever you do get a session in before even if thats a 15 minute bodyweight

circuit at home 


I haven’t even touched on food yet & this is getting long 

I think I’ll cover those points in a part 2 in tomorrows email 

So ‘How to to eat when you’re rushed off your feet’

& ‘What to snack on when you’re bored in the office’ 

Will come later this week 



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& get results faster & forever 

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