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Challenge: Can You Beat Me!?

I’ll give you a weeks free coaching in Build&Blast if you can 

I need to see a video though 

& no it can’t be in fast forward 

The video of this challenge is below 

My time (1:43s) is actually not that quick so I reckon a few of you could do it 

This is the (optional) challenge I’ve set the Build&Blast90 guys this week 

I know a few of the competitive guys in there will give it a crack 

& it will give them a chance to compete against each other in the group 

Competition is one thing we miss when we’re out there grinding on our own 

But with the Daily Accountability Check In 

The Step Challenge

& now this Workout Challenge 

We’re starting to nail it inside Build&Blast90

What we’re creating is far more than just a workout & nutrition plan 

A download from google will probably be enough of thats what you’re after 

We all know how well that goes though don’t we

Here’s the video of the workout

& remember a free week as a Build&Blast member if you beat my score



Stuart is down 6kgs

Billy 2.5kgs

Mark 5+kg 

I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea

This sh*t works 

Which is why we guarantee results of your money back 

Here’s where you head to get involved 


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