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We all have them 

I’m having one today 

Cant be fcuked to write an email 

So here’s some of the content I’ve put out this week incase you’ve missed it 

Click the yellow links to view the content



Email: How to track how much you eat

Video: The hardest press up variation ever 

Post: What to do if someone takes the piss out of your healthy eating 



Email: How many calories YOU should eat 

Post: What to do now summers on its way 



Email: How to turn the tap on to continual easy/simple fat loss

Video: 3 tips to build a bigger chest with chest flys 

Blog Post: I’m 31 & pissed off about it 



Email: Does your weekend food & drink stop your progress? 

Blog Post: Free recipes 

Video: Inside look into how Build&Blast90 works (Private Facebook Group & Members Only website)

Blog Post: 3 ways to burn more fat without more exercise



Video: 3 mistakes guys make in the gym 

Email: Shit like this baffles me 


Just click the link to see/watch whatever you’ve missed 

I’ve also added videos from 3 of this weeks Build&Blast90 workouts onto my Instagram stories 

They only last 24 hours so you cant see them right now 

@MarcusDuharty to keep up to date with them 

& a huge shout out to everyone taking in this info 

All you have to do now is make sure you apply it 

Because ‘Knowledge is NOT power’ my man 

But ‘Knowledge with ACTION  is’ 

So what would you like to see me cover next week? 

Drop me a request & I’ll cover it for you



Ben shifted 50kg of fat & I built Build&Blast90 from the system I used with him 

Kirky & Marcus W both with wives 2 kids & managing businesses built a “better body at 30+ than I had in my 20’s” 

& Cameron went from skinny fat to stacked & jacked

Click the the link below to find out exactly how we did it


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