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Can You Build Muscle & Shred Fat At The Same Time?

People are looking at this the wrong way 

Let me explain why

This was a question I got emailed from Bilal last week 

“Can I Build Muscle & Burn Fat at the same time”

Legit question and something Build&Blast member Ed

mentioned on a call yesterday

Now people will say you can’t do this 

Or something like unless you have freaky genetics it’s impossible 

Fair enough

The way you eat & maybe even train for each goal is different & you

cant eat both ways at the same time 

I agree

But people are missing the point

I know that when people ask me about this they aren’t really bothered 

whether they actually do it or not

Competitive bodybuilders will want to do this for when they’re wiggling 

around on stage in a thong or board shorts

But me & you have no intention of doing that 

I couldn’t think or anything worse to be honest 

All we really wanna do is ‘look’ like we have built muscle & dropped fat 

With look being the most important word

If I said we’d make you 2-4kg lighter but you’d be able to see definition in

every muscle & your abs you’d be happy right 

Of course you would you’d be turning heads left right & centre on the beach

this summer

But you’d be a bit smaller & very likely not gained any muscle 

Would you care…?

When people are complimenting you & you can even see the shape of your

muscles in a T shirt I doubt it 

Especially when I’d say from that point forward we’d hover around the same

bodyfat %

& build muscle continually for basically as long as you want 

Now there’s no way you could turn that down surely 

So can you Build Muscle & Burn Fat at the same time?

Probably not 

But is that what you really want?

Probably not either 

It’s the look 

The feeling 

& the reaction from:-



Your WAG (Wife & Girlfriend)

Or a hot chick

Thats what we’re really after & I don’t blame you

The confidence & motivation boost it’s given guys like Ben, Cameron & the

2 other Marcus’ in #TeamHUD is priceless

Which is exactly why I’ve designed my programmes to work for busy working

guys like them and you 

If you genuinely wanna get on stage & pose in your pants then massive respect

for you but you’re in the wrong place 

In my programmes there’s NO: 

* Massive bulks making you overweight, bloated & looking like crap 

* NO restrictive diets making you feel energyless & tired

* NO 2 hour long back breaking weights sessions 

* Or hours of mind dumbingly boring cardio 

Just simple quick & effective training & nutrition programmes to help you look 

exactly like you’ve Built Muscle & Burned Fat 

Basically have you looking & feeling like a greek god & turning heads like one

You can find out more info about joining my programmes here 


Or if you wanna fire some questions at me about what you need to do right now 

Just reply to this email with your question & I’ll get back to you

Marcus ‘No Bulking Just Sculpting’ Duharty

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