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You’re busy 

You haven’t got time to spend all day in the gym 

& you cant be bothered trying to work your own 

sessions out 

Sound familiar 

This is basically EVERY guy I work with right now 

Thankfully I use a ‘No Messing Around’ format to 

design their sessions 

Which I’m happy to show you at the video below 

This session will have you in & out in under an hour 

Can easily be adjusted slightly to be a 45min session 

It gives you some structure to follow

So no wasted time thinking, wondering or feeling lost 

& you can use the format to build the rest of your 

sessions on

Here’s the link to the session 

Video: Busy Guy Training Session 

This is actually a session from Block 1 of the #TeamHUD 

groups programme 

In it the guys get another 3 or 4 sessions to complete 

Plus monthly nutrition videos & recipe booklets 

With this completely done for them set up the guys are 

dropping fat quicker than ever 

& the ones eating for size are building solid muscle 

Have you got a solid training programme in place?

Is it working? 

The video above will help you if you haven’t

Or if the programme you have got right now isn’t


You can also drop me a reply to this email

& I can tell you exactly what to change 

Marcus ‘Problem Solver’ Duharty

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