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Build&Blast: The 12 Steps

I’m buzzing!

No wining old ladies on the bus stop today probably helped

But it’s not that

I’m buzzing due to the results I’m getting inside of Build&Blast

& that I’m ready to take on a few more guys

So if you’ve been wondering how Ben has lost 7 stone in weight

How Brad is getting on average almost 2kg of fatloss week on week 

Or why Sheldon’s confidence & how he feels about himself is through
the roof 

Here’s the steps to how they’re doing it

(WARNING the steps I use WILL transform the confidence you have
& how your friends, family, business clients & the opposite sex treat you)

Step 1: We discuss & identify your ultimate goal 

Step 2 : Understand exactly what you’re doing & eating right now

Step 3: Build your 30, 60 & 90 day targets & identify the key things we
need to do to achieve them 

Step 3: Map out block 1 of your individual specific training programme

Step 4: Work out what you like to eat & build your ‘No diet diet’ around

Step 5: Develop the 30-40 meal ideas document you can use in your plan

Step 6: Join the exclusive Facebook support group

Step 7: Start getting the work done

Step 8: Join the guys in entering your ‘Daily Score’ to me into the group EACH DAY 

Step 9: Upload your ‘Week Review Sheet’ to your dropbox folder at the end of
the week

Step 10: Review the feedback video from me & identify any training & nutrition
changes I’ve asked you to make  

Step 11: Go back to step 7 & repeat

Step 12: Every 4 weeks we jump on a call to discuss progress, review the goals,
set a new training block & adjust the nutrition 

Final Step: Reflect on the 90 days & revel in the changes you made to how you look
& feel

There you have it my man

The steps I use to

Build Muscle

Blast Fat

& help busing working guys feel UNSTOPPABLE

Here’s where you head for more info


Marcus ’12 Steps to Unstoppable’ Duharty


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