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Struggling to build strength on the Bench press?

Always getting pinned in the bottom portion of the lift?

Well here’s a simple and damn effective way to help drive those weights up.

The video shows a paused bench press. You’ll lower under control before pausing for at least 2 seconds at your chest.

Then drive that bad boy up as hard as you can. I’m using what looks like 80kg in the video, around 75-85% of your max is what I’d recommend & look to hit 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps.

I’m on the comeback from a pretty bad shoulder injury (falling down the stairs !) but when I’m pause benching 150kg I’ll post another video up… ha (ok you might be waiting a while)!

Anyway stop wasting your life on the internet and get in the gym & lift some weight…

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