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Video: Build some Abs & a solid trunk

You know there’s a guy who held a plank for over 5 hours!!



What an idiot I couldn’t think of anything worse…

Actually jokes aside fair play to that man as he was raising money for awareness of wounded warriors


US Marine George Hood I salute you sir!


Anyway planks are still boring as… But they do exactly what they say on the tin


Help you build a solid set of abs ready for:-

 The beach

Getting punched

& if you’re an athlete provide a base for POWER


STILL boring though….. & out of the 1000’s of athletes I’ve trained only the rowers seemed to enjoy them and they’re a sadistically self harming appreciative group… I do love them really


Anyway here’s a few absolutely brilliant variations demonstrated by yours truly.

Points to consider

** Brace your trunk

** Set your spine (Watch the spinal setting video here)

** Stay still…. sounds obvious but way easier said than done with a few of these

** Keep the hips level, this is key, if they’re moving the exercises are easy & pointless

** I also recommend stopping if you feel pain in your back (that doesn’t mean you have a weak back and something I may cover in a later article)

** 10-15 reps per exercise

** Oh & Finally breathe, enjoy & don’t hate me too much

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