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Blowing All Your Money At The Bar !

Have you ever gone out & got carried away 

You’re having the night of your life

The drinks are flowing 

& you end up getting a little excited

We’ve all done it 

You end up getting a few extra rounds in 

With maybe a few shots thrown in as well 

This is (used to be) me… A lot !

A few years ago I had the bank call me up on a Sunday morning to check 

the activity on my card from the previous night 

That definitely gave me a bit of a shock 

The problem with it though is when you go & check your bank account 

& now I’m self employed I definitely need to do this more

& you’ve spent way more than you thought 

Coca Cola wages champagne lifestyle is an appropriate term here 

But it would be quite easy to just ignore it & not check it at all

Then wait a while hoping that the amount you spent wasn’t actually that 


I’ve been guilty of this before as well

But it’s just like ignoring the scales 

Which from chatting to clients I know a hell of a lot of people do 

The thing is…

You can ignore it all you want 

But it’s always going to be there 

& can have the potential to crash you back to reality at any point

Which in my experience is the BEST place you can be 

Cos the moment you be real with yourself you know exactly where you are

& when you know where you are you know exactly what to do going forward

Being real with your self is difficult though 

There’s always a story we can make up 

About how I’ll get paid again next month so the money doesn’t matter 

Or that it weighing yourself regularly isn’t needed etc 

Well it’s all pretty much BS 

Here’s the video where I show you that NOT weighing yourself regularly is stupid 


I’ve got this bit pretty nailed 

It’s the money I need to focus on looking after

What about you? 

Marcus ‘Weekend Millionaire’ Duharty


If you need help getting your stuff sorted 

& are at least on the path to being real with yourself 

You can get in contact with me through this link 


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