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Beer, junk food & lack of sleep?

Did you piss another weeks progress up the wall this weekend? 

Beer, junk food & lack of sleep?

Lets be real, its all fun & games until you wake up Monday morning feeling like you’ve done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson 

& look in the mirror & wonder where the body you had in your earl 20’s has gone

Trust me I know how you feel 

You’re a grown man so I’m not going to lecture you 

Just know there is a different way though 

& Fcuk if you want to you CAN still enjoy the weekend & shift weight 

Or even put it on like my man Tom who’s almost 3kg up in his first 4 weeks as a Build&Blast90 member 

Tom’s keen to add some mass to his frame & with some clear nutrition goals he’s started on fire 

We can help you build muscle as well if thats your goal 

You’ll know by now we have a 7 Day Free Taster Challenge starting 2nd/3rd June

If you’re happy with where you are then maybe it’s not for you 

If however you’re struggling 

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut 

Or already envisage an uncomfortable summer hiding yourself away ahead 

You can apply to change yourself here 




We’ve just added the first group of guys to the Build&Blast FREE Intro group 

It’s where you’ll go before you join the main Build&Blast group on the 3rd April 

& we’ve added some intro nutrition content & a training programme 

We’ll likely add some more content in this week meaning you basically get 2 weeks free instead of 1 

Here’s that application form again https://marcusduharty.wufoo.com/forms/m9xlsu010s7a14/

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