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Are You Too Busy For PT?

Thats what Roheel said he was

First one in the office last one out 

Working hard to build his business in the city

Long hours building the lifestyle he wants 

No real set working hours just working the hours that the money dictates

Laser focused on the job at hand with no time for fluff or BS

& definitely no time to book in 1-1 personal training sessions a couple times a week 

That’s where Roheel is right now

Which is why the service I offer fits well with him

Are you in a similar place? 

Maybe you’re trying to build your business, client portfolio or commission? 

Maybe you can get in & out the office in 8-10 hours but are trying to build a family at the same time?

I’m not a dad yet but from talking to the guys in my groups I know thats a full time job in itself 

Especially if you’re a modern dad trying to build future kings & queens 

(One day I’ll raise my own football team of kings & queens!)

I can imagine committing to anything outside of that right now is nearly impossible

There’s no doubt like Roheel & other guys I coach you’re too busy for PT

Which is likely why you ended up here

You’re looking for support or help online as it fits your schedule

All I’ll say is it’s here if you want it 

But just like in business & life you can’t sit on the sidelines & let it come to you 

You got to go out & make it happen 

These guys took the step & shifted the weight they wanted because of it 

Check out whats got weight dropping of these guys faster & forever below 


Unless of course you’re going to let being busy keep you overweight & miserable forever? 




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