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Are You Taking The Piss?

Every time I stepped out of an airport in Asia thats what I thought

Up I step with some rascal fake ray bans on

Everything I own in a back pack 

& no clue what I’m doing

That’s what the taxi drivers thought anyway

See the robbing bastards straight outside are ready for the fresh meat

The newbies who don’t know what a taxi should cost in the country

No joke they will try and charge 4-5 times more than what the ride is worth

Cheeky Bastards

But I actually think fair play to some extent

Not in the ripping people off part but in having the bollocks to try

Cos I don’t think enough people these days have the bollocks to try anything

I was the same

As a younger lad I used to try things but never really had the bollocks to really 

go for what I wanted

I remember the conversations with my football managers about money

They’d always give it the ‘This is what we have in the budget for you’ crap

When of course I’d always want & likely expect more

I may negotiate a bit but 9 times out of 10 I’d end up with less than what I’d want

I just never had the bollocks to really push for what I wanted

I’m better now but there’s still times I could grow a pair

What about you?

Is there anything you really want but haven’t got the bollocks to go for it

Well if you don’t go for it it’ll never happen

Pretty obvious really & is why the taxi drivers obviously try it on

& looking back I probably did myself out of a few grand in my football days

Ridiculous really isn’t it

But I’m sure there’s people out there who wanna build a Head Turning Body

Or even just drop a bit of fat & build some muscle

But for whatever reason don’t have the bollocks to go for it

Then there’s the ones that do like the 4 guys signed up to my new 90 Day 

Online Training programme

& the taxi drivers at the airport

& some of my ex teammates

who actually get what they want

Which one do you want to be? 


Marcus ‘Growing a Pair’ Duharty

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