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Are You Going To Quit On Me As Well?

Now I’ve quit stuff before 

I quit a straggler ex girlfriend 

I quit a Master degree that no longer met my plan 

& I quit playing competitive football after my heart operation 

There’s times when quitting is the right thing to do 

Yesterday though I had a guy say he wanted to quit on his training & nutrition 

Now I don’t really mind this 

I’ll always stand by the guaranteed results or your money back statement I’ve made 

But that only applies if you’ve followed the steps & done the work 

Which in all honesty this guy definitely hasn’t 

Now if he does want to quit thats ok 

The process I use is very simple… But that doesn’t mean it’s easy 

It can be sugar coated all you want but at the end of the day you’re going to have to adjust what you eat a bit & commit to doing some training 

Now even though everything is set up for busy working guys that are pushed on time it’s still going to take some effort to get things done 

& if you’re not willing to make the effort or just can’t then it’s not even worth getting started

You can read that as if you’re looking for a quick fix or a magic pill my programmes are NOT for you 

It’s not even worth applying

But I honesty believe that 95% of thats just BS 

After all we’ve got married guys with mortgages, 2 kids & their own businesses working 10-12 hours a day & weekends that get it done with minimal complaints 

Now not everyones the same I get that

But sometimes I do feel you have to call yourself out on your own bullshit 

Are you really to busy to get it done or are you just talking yourself out of it?

After all whats the alternative? 

Stay overweight & pissed off for the rest of your life? 

I’ll leave you to answer that 

But be honest with yourself… What is the alternative? 



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