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Are You Getting Excited?

Have You Got That Feeling!?

I think I’ve got a twitch

You know that feeling

When you wake up with a bit of a buzz

Come on man you must know what day of the week it is?

Which means one thing…

Roll on the fucking weekend !

I know it’s your favourite time of the week

& you know those people who say

“You should live for Monday mornings

Not Saturday nights”

Can sit & fucking swivel in my book

Like who the fuck thinks this…

“yeah I don’t live for enjoying my free time with family & friends

I live for siting in an hour commute

Then having small talk with people I don’t really like

& a Monday morning meeting about stuff that lets be honest

I don’t really give a fuck about

Thats what I live for”

Like seriously what weirdo thinks that

You don’t have to lie or pretend to me

I’ve been there trust me

& even now with some flexibility in my schedule

I still get that Friday feeling

What does Friday mean to you?

Drinks with friends?

Food out in a restaurant?

Sunday morning Fry up?

Chinese, beers & a film with the lads or a chick?

Or have you stopped all that cos of your diet?

You probably think I’m gonna advise you against some of that

Well I’d be the biggest hypocrite ever if I did

Cos it’s probably not far off what my weekends normally look like

& most of the guys I work with as well

I’m sure you know already but I’m gonna say it again anyway

Yes sacrifices & adjustments have to be made

But you 100% can enjoy food & drinks & STILL build the body you want 

Unless of course you wanna be a body builder or physique competitor

But then who wants to pose on stage in speedos anyway

If you wanna chat to me about your nutrition just fill out the form below


Make sure you realise though I’ll be on you to work from what I set

I’ll expect you to report back in regularly

So I can review exactly what you’re doing…

But then that’s the beauty of the whole thing

Just like my man Charlie highlights with these words

“It’s great to have someone keeping you accountable for every rep…..!

& I loved the accountability, and routine check in sessions”

You can read the rest of his thoughts on working with me at the link below


Have a hell of a weekend whatever you’re doing

& don’t let anyone tell you you’re not allowed to

Marcus ‘Friday Feeling’ Duharty

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