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Are You Fed Up??

Do you ever wake up & think 

Fuck This!

I’m done..

Fed up

Finished !

I know you do 

We ALL do

It’s normal 

Even the genetically modified physique freaks on InstaBook do 

Always remember thats just a highlight reel of real life 

I remember one specific time I felt exactly like this 

In my last job in the UK I led a degree unit on one of the best Sports

Science courses in the country

Lecturing weekly to 80 students was pretty cool 

Marking 80 2000 word assignments WAS NOT

It took me literally weeks to do it 

I think the uni gave 30 minutes to mark each one 

I’d never done it before so I was taking 60mins plus 

& I still had other courses to run & athletes to train 

In the middle of it all I was like FUCK THIS

I thought in my head & eventually told my manager 

“I’m not doing this again” 

& 5 months later I handed in my notice for a job I’d been working towards 

for a decade

See it comes to a point when you know you have to change 

A point where you cant keep doing the same thing again 

A point where you basically just get fucked off

& realise you have to take action for change to take place

For you that might be being fed up of the way you look or feel  

For Glen who’s just started his 90 Day Journey with me in Build & Blast he was 

fed up with a wardrobe of clothes he cant wear anymore 

Imagine literally having a wardrobe full of clothes you cant wear

Must have cost thousands

Do you have any jeans or shirts from last year you cant fit into anymore? 

Thinking about that wasted cash must be annoying 

Or maybe you’re the opposite end of the spectrum 

& like my man Ed wanna add some muscle to your frame 

I cant quite remember what he said but it was something like… 

“It would nice to go back to Hockey & not be called the bean pole”

I’m sure he’ll correct me when he reads this but the point is

There’s nothing wrong with being fed up

Fucked off 

& deciding you’re done 

Glen & Ed have both thought that & it will be great to see the progress

they make 

I’ll keep you updated

If you wanna join them head here 


Marcus ‘Fed Up’ Duharty

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