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Are you fat around the belly & sides as well?

Build&Blast90 member Mark was (his words)

You know that muscly guy under a few layers of fat look? 

In pretty good shape just needing to shift a few pounds 

That was Mark 

Fast forward 8 weeks & at this check point he’s 5kg in weight down 

Feels like he’s ‘built more muscle’ 

& has lost considerable fat from the belly & sides looking at his pictures

Fair play to him 

Here’s 2 things that have for sure helped him

1. In his own words

“I’ve slipped up a few times but make up for it on other days like you taught” 

Following the steps inside Build&Blast90 Mark now knows exactly what works for his body 

2. Mark hits comfortably over 10,000 steps each day 

He’s hitting at least 5000-7000 more steps a day than some guys in the group 

Which equates to around 300 calories per day 

Which is equivalent to a conservative estimate of 12,000 calories extra burned in the 8 weeks he’s been in the group 

& thats without counting the weekend 

12,000 extra calories burned WITHOUT any extra exercise 

If YOU want to shift fat I suggest you start moving more & take a look at what steps you do a day as well

This video offers 3 ways you can increase the calories you burn WITHOUT extra exercise

In case you haven’t got the 2 mins to watch 

1. Actually take your lunch break & walk for 15 minutes 

2. Stay on the move when watching your kids at gymnastics or football or join in the refereeing or coaching 

3. Book a ‘fun’ activity in once a week (5 a side, badminton, dog walking, bike ride) 

Whatever you do lets be real about it my man 

Sitting on your ass for 30 mins driving to work 

To then sit on your ass for 8-12 hours in work 

Followed with another 30 mins drive home

Before 3-6 hours vegging infront the TV

All whilst eating bang average food is a recipe for man boobs & low sex drive 

For god sakes get moving dude 



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