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Are you bored with your workouts?

Here’s 3 things you can add into your sessions this week 

I guarantee you this will help you build a BACK 

Pump up your CHEST 

& the conditioning work will help you shred some FAT

These are classics I love to go back to for that extra hit 

None of it’s easy though 

Expect to sweat, gasp & grimace through these

& if you dont like working hard I wouldn’t bother checking them out

But as you’re here I know you’re the type of guy who’s serious about 

getting results 

So get this in your training sessions this week & let me know how you 

find them

1. Brutal Back Building complex 


2. Chest Pumping Tri Set


3. Fat Blasting Medball Circuit 


& don’t hate me man no one said this shizzle was gonna be easy !


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