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Are We Just Being Brainless Hooligans?

Before I give you these 4 tasty high protein meal ideas to download

You must have seen these idiots at the Euro football tournament

I think it’s funny that some people think they’re fighting over football

They’re clearly not…

Here’s the 2 reasons why they’re actually fighting

Firstly they’re fighting cos they like fighting

They literally enjoy it & the feeling of power & freedom it gives them

& secondly they’re doing it cos everyone else is doing it

That’s it

If everyone else stopped do you really think each of them would carry
on alone??


It’s like guys trying to drop some fat & tone up a bit

They can’t do it cos they like eating crap food & having beers with the guys

I get it

They enjoy it & the feeling it gives them

I’m not gonna lie so do I

& of course everyone else is doing it so they/we do as well

Then to try & drop a few kg’s everyone is going on ball breaking restrictive diets

So we end up thoughtlessly following that as well

You know the ‘Cant eat this… Cant eat that kind of diet’

The ones that basically NEVER work

When we do that we are basically doing the same as those brainless hooligans

Doing whatever feels good with no real thought

& mindlessly following the crowd

But there’s no need for us to be brainless hooligans

If we wanna fight we can do a charity boxing match

Maybe even raise money for a cause one of our elder family are suffering from

& if we want to drop a few kg & tone up a bit

We don’t have to do the same as everyone else who’s failing

Build&Blast member Brad is enjoying doing something different right now

“The diet thats not a diet”

Thats what he called my Nutrition coaching this week

He’s 14kg of weight down in just 8 weeks

Yes nearly 2kg a week 

& doesn’t even feel like he’s on a diet

You may wonder how this is possible

Well I’ll help you out with some example meals from the…

‘Diet thats not a Diet Nutrition Coaching set up’ that I use in Build&Blast 

These are high protein meals that taste great & are quick & easy to make

You can download them at the link below

DOWNLOAD: 4 High Protein Meals 

So… Are you gonna carry on being a hooligan?

Marcus ‘No Diet’ Duharty


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