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Add Mass To Your Chest By Doing Flys Properly

I LOVE this feeling 

I’m on about when you get out the gym & feel PUMPED

Seriously someone needs to bottle that shit up & sell it

They’d kill it 

I did an upper body ‘push’ style session today 

It’s actually a session from Block 4 of the #TeamHUD guys programme 

(You’re more than welcome to join these guys if you want)

I’m a big chest press variation fan but was really feeling the cable flys today 

You have to do them right though & also it helps it you understand why you’re

actually doing the movement 

Most people think it’s for the stretch of the chest… But thats completely wrong!

& there’s 2 key tips in here to really get the best contraction in the exercise 

Tip 1. Focus on bringing the elbows together 

Tip 2. Lean back at the point of contraction 

You can see me talk through both at this video



I forgot to say as well

Build & Blast 90 Day programme is up & running now with the first 4 guys 

Training & Nutrition plans have been developed

Recipes set up 

& access to the membership section of my site has been given 

Now I’ve just got to work out how to get the 30 day Skype check in’s sorted 

With Ed in the UK, Brad in South Africa, Glen in Dubai but on business in Kenya

& Jon in Vietnam working out time zones is gonna be interesting 

Especially with me in Sydney

Ah well should be fun even if I dont sleep & I’ll keep you updated with their progress

I did plan to start with 5 guys though so technically there is 1 place available 

If you’re interested check out the video below where you can also enquire 


Marcus ‘No Sleep’ Duharty

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