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Adam Huge Deadlift PB 400+ Pounds

Adams been on the Iron grind for a while now. 18 months we’ve been working together in total. Buzzing to see him hit a solid a pretty damn easy 4 reps at an old 1 rep max.

2.5 times bodyweight on the horizon…



Here’s 4 reasons I LOVE this lift from my man Adam! Pay attention you may learn something!!

1. It’s a 4 rep 180kg PB on a previous 1 rep max & nearly 2.5 x bodyweight

2. The controlled set up & start position making sure the movement was safe & damn effective

3. The re set up between each rep I can’t stress enough how much I love to see this done well

4. The reaction at the end…! !

As I always say It’s all about the FEELING…

& the feeling of smashing a new PB after months of graft is…

… Fucking Amazing

Well done mate great work!

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