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A Shoulder Builder You’re NOT Doing

“They’re gonna have to widen doors for me”

That’s what I keep joking with my flatmates

Cos as great as having chest, abs & biceps is 

You cant forget building some boulder shoulders man!

They make you look bigger which is decent 

Give you an athletic look which is pretty attractive 

& give off that impression that you actually train 

Rather then just being skinny with abs

Shoulder exercises are pretty standard to be fair 

Overhead press & push press

Lat raises, front raises, DB crucifix & landmine presses

They were all in the Free Shit Friday: Shoulders edition

a few months back 

But here’s another that I threw on my Facebook page yesterday 

I like this as it combines 2 movements so saving you time 

which I know is precious for a busy man

& if you don’t like my Facebook Page yet 

Make sure you do & select the page to be ‘shown first’

Let me know how this goes if you try it 

& look out for some more exercise videos on my page 

I’ve got a another shoulder builder I know you’re not doing 

going on later today 

It’s a really simple but super effective variation you can try 

I do like variations in the programmes I write 

Boring & non challenging workouts are not what I’m about 

All the Build & Blast guys will have workouts that push them 

to progress each week with targets to hit 

& workouts designed to keep their motivation high so they 

look forward to training 

Cos I know I’m a bit of a geek who enjoys training 

But I doubt you or the guys I work with really do

If you need a 90 day programme with varied, challenging 


That Build Muscle & Blast Fat 

Check out this link


Right now I’m looking for 3 more guys to join the 4 already 


Marcus ‘Boulder Shoulders’ Duharty


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