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A pro football career was at my finger tips

At 16/17 years old I felt like I was going to make it 

A professional football career was literally at my finger tips 

& it was only a matter of time before I naturally progressed to the first team 

Then at 18/19 I found myself released from my contract & unemployed 

As a 30+ man I now know that was down to one thing 

Quitting when it got tough 

It had been easy for me for so long that when it got tough I didn’t know what to do & quit 

Either in games, training sessions or with my attitude 

That was it 

Plain & simple 

See it’s not about it being easy

If you’re looking for the easy option every time you’ll ALWAYS fail when it gets hard

Quitting when it gets hard is the only reason we fail at anything

This is the biggest mistake us guys make 

It gets hard & we quit

Even if it’s only for 1 day 

Thats enough to set us back 

In my experience the difference between the guys that shift weight & the guys that don’t 

Is keeping going when it gets hard 

Keeping going when something comes up 

Keeping going when we struggle for a few days 

That is literally it 

Let be clear with this 

If you quit every time it gets a bit tough you will succeed at literally nothing 

I’ve learned this the hard way 

Just accept that it won’t be easy

& that at times you’ll struggle

We all will

This mindset will allow you to appreciate the hardship & hard times for what the are

Just hard times

Hard times on your journey moving FORWARD

& even if you pause for a moment or take a slight wrong turn

When the hardship comes you just keep on moving forward

If you understand this you WILL NOT FAIL to progress towards your goal whatever it may be



If you’re planning to quit when it gets tough 

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As it will get hard 

& at that point you will quit

But on the opposite if you’re willing to keep going when it gets tough 

We’ll fight with you to the death & do everything we can within the power of the programme to help you succeed

& that my friend we will 

Hence the 100% money back guarantee on it

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