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£8000 Pay Checks & Arguing with my Mum

By February 13, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

I was 22 working as a Fitness Instructor at the local uni at the time

I’d worked my ass off the last 18 months

Taking on literally every EXTRA job you could think of

* Maintenance man

* Helping with the athletes 

* Assisting the Heartbeat referral programme

* Gym challenges 

* Extra courses

* One to One sessions

* Teaching classes

If something got suggested in a meeting my hand was up first

Then when a pay review was done across the uni

They decided I was doing the same work as guys on a higher pay grade

So paid me the extra I should have earned over the last year and a half

In one lump sum

Bada fucking BOOM

I could probably finish the email there & highlight the benefit of hard work

& always looking to do extra and better yourself

But I’m gonna quickly tell you about the argument I had with my mum after

See I told her I was going to invest the money in property

Now remember this is just after 2007 and we’ve literally just had a HUGE property crash

So we ended up in what I remember being a pretty BIG ‘discussion’ about it

Let’s just say we agreed to disagree 😉

Sometimes people won’t necessarily understand what you can see in front of you

My mother happens to be unbelievable supportive

& even if she disagreed I know I could always rely on her

I’m fortunate

You may not be

People may not support your goals or vision

If you finally wanna get in shape people will definitely offer you resistance

It could be work colleagues taking the piss out of your lunch

Mates trying to get you to have a few extra pints in the bar

Or even a partner not supporting your nutrition adjustments

Or the few extra hours you spend working out

Unfortunately thats just the way it is

You may have to grow thick skin

Or cut some people loose

They either support your vision and ambition or they get dropped in my opinion

Like why the hell do you want people close to you wanting you to fail anyway?

Think about it

& sometimes you may even be forced to go it alone

With that in mind these song lyrics are fucking golden

“Oh, it’s just me, myself and I

Solo ride until I die

Cause I, got me for life

(Got me for life, yeah)

Oh I don’t need a hand to hold

Even when the night is cold

I got that fire in my soul”

Here’s a link to the Track > Me Myself & I 

Going it alone is fucking tough though

Which is why I offer my support with the Training & Nutrition packages I offer

& me & Cameron are building the #TeamHUD group

So guys who this message directly applies to

& have that ‘fire in their soul’ 

Can get the support they need to reach their goals

& maybe even change their life

You can find out more information about that here

LINK >>> #TeamHUD Training, Nutrition & Motivation group 

Tomorrow I’ll continue the story

I’ll tell you what I did with the money

& how my mother did a 360 & supported me

Until then

Keep your targets high

& you’re standards higher

‘Maintenance Marcus’

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