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8 Pack Secrets They’re Not Telling You

Wanna get ripped & shredded in 9 days?

Have 8 pack stage ready abs & no fat 365 days a year? 

Well here’s the no 1 secret they’re not telling you about this?

Listen up

The Secret: It fucking sucks 

& it sucks to the point that it’s likely not even what you really want 

The reality of it is Looooow calorie intake &/or hours of boring cardio 

Let’s be honest are you really going to walk on a stepper for 60 minutes EVERY morning?

Or eat rabbit food & bland chicken whilst your partner & kids eat a lasagne or a nice spaghetti bolognese?

You’re not 

We both know it

But guess what… As far as I’m concerned it’s really not a problem 

‘InstaBook’ (Facebook & Instagram) may have you thinking you’re inadequate if you’re not ‘diced’ or ‘jacked’ 

But thats bullshit 

I’ve said it before… InstaBook is firstly a lie 

Dieting down is HARD 


& often lonely 

For a busy professional man working hard building a business or a career (thats not in the fitness industry) it’s virtually impossible 

& I’m going to say that to do it with alongside supporting a fully happy partner & being a super dad is impossible 

Secondly never forget that InstaBook is a highlight reel 

It’s not real life 

Just highlights 

Real life is like James

James has been in one of my groups a few months 

He works seriously long hours (I actually feel bad for him at times)

But last week had this to say….

“Little win today… Tried on my wedding suit and dropped a suit size since September!”

Thats real life 

Being up against it working & building a future for yourself but still getting it done & making progress

If James keeps working he’s going to feel unreal in his suit on his wedding day 

& I can’t fucking wait to see it

It’ll all be done without being tired, hungry & miserable whilst dieting down 

Or brain numbingly boring cardio 

Thats real life my man 



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