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All with calorie, protein, fat & carb figures so you don’t have to worry about counting them 

& selected as they’re ‘pretty quick & simple’ to make 

Thats what I’ve just added to the Build&Blast90 membership area 

& don’t forget you can get some for free inside the site 

Just head here & go to the free nutrition section 


Also you may have seen the picture I added to my Instagram yesterday (@marcusduharty)

I’m a big believer as MEN we can take full charge of our destiny 

& shouldn’t be told we ‘can’t’ eat certain foods 

Or only be ‘allowed’ to eat & drink things we enjoy at certain times 

The caption I added said it all about about my values in this area

“I take it from the point of them NOT being competitive athletes or bodybuilders & being normal guys…

Busy guys who don’t want to count macros or NOT be able to have a beer after work on a Friday or a pizza with the missus watching a box set

So I make it as flexible as possible for them whilst still guaranteeing they’re in a place to progress

If they struggle I’ll add a small habit in to help them & repeat the process until it works for them

At NO point will I tell them something is banned, dirty or only allowed as a cheat though”

People will disagree but lets be honest…

What kind of BS diet do they expect us to stick to eating bland tasteless meals 95% of the time 

Not for me or the guys I coach at all 

Thats that mini rant over with

I’ve got a serious back building exercise coming your way in tomorrows email 

Keep a look out for it 



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